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The average furnace lifespan is between 15 and 30 years. Schedule furnace installation and repair services if your heater needs help.

Removing Air From Hydronic Heating Systems: The Basics

In most modern hydronic heating systems, air is best removed through the process of forced water purging. Systems are designed to allow water to move throughout at a high velocity and in one direction.

As the water rapidly flows, the air is forced through the piping ahead of it, escaping through a drain valve as the water volume in the device increases. Forced-water purging should continue until a smooth-flowing water stream exits the drain valve and no visible air bubbles are present.

The Importance of Hydronic Heating System Air Venting

Are you wondering if trapped air is causing problems with your heater? The technicians at Stonelink Plumbing & Heating are your local experts in air removal in hydronic heating systems.

If you’ve noticed a decrease in the efficiency of your unit or your system is affected by corrosion or blockages, air may be the cause. Air purging in hydronic heating systems is necessary for the device to function properly and to preserve the life of the system.

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