Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

How to Winterize Pipes and Prevent Freezing

When winter arrives in Rhode Island, the cold temperatures and the condition of pipes can be a big concern. Frigid temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. When this happens, they can expand and eventually burst. In this blog post, plumbers will discuss the risks frozen pipes can cause and provide tips on how homeowners can avoid them.

Risks of Frozen Pipes

why are frozen pipes so dangerousWhen pipes freeze, the water supply will be shut off entirely to allow for thawing and repair. Frozen pipes can also cause more significant inconveniences to households than just a lack of water flowing through the lines. Frozen pipes can burst as the water inside them expands. When this happens, it can lead to significant water damage.

A burst pipe can cause extensive water damage to walls, floors, ceilings, and other items in the house. It can also cause mold and mildew to form, which can make family members ill, especially if they have respiratory issues. Families will be inconvenienced, and there are a lot of expenses if a frozen pipe bursts, so they should be taken care of immediately and prevented.

Why You Need Pipe Insulation

how pipe insulation helpsOne of the best and easiest ways for households to avoid frozen pipes is by applying insulation to the pipes. This is especially important on lines located near the house’s exterior, where the temperatures are colder. Pipe insulation will help prevent freezing, but it’s not the only benefit insulating the pipes offers.

It can also keep the water in the pipes at a more constant temperature, reducing heat loss or gain, and can even lead to lower energy bills. Pipe insulation can also help extend the lifespan of the piping, as it helps control condensation that can corrode the pipes.

Additional Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

There are more ways homeowners can help prevent frozen pipes this winter besides applying insulation. Some other recommendations include:

  • Identify gaps and air leaks around the house that could let cold air in and seal them.
  • Remove outdoor garden hoses and drain them. The outdoor line should also be drained.
  • Keep the house at a constant temperature, even if residents are out of town.
  • Let faucets drip on extremely cold nights to keep the water flowing through the line. Even a small trickle can prevent freezing.

If households are concerned about frozen pipes or pipe bursts, they can reach out to experienced plumbers for assistance.

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